Rock It Up Music School


Guitar & Bass

Nothing says "rock n roll" like a guitar ! It is very satisfying to strum chords, learn how to solo, or fingerpick. We also teach bass. Learn how to play walking bass lines and jam to your favourite songs!

Song Writing

Do you play an instrument but lack the confidence to write a song? We are here to help! We will walk you through the whole process, contribute ideas, and arrange your musical ideas and turn it into a great song.


Rock It Up! offers our clients a great sounding demo/EP/LP/ that wont cost an arm and a leg. It is ALWAYS a great idea to do "pre-production" before you go into an "A Room Studio". It is also a great idea for a band/artist to have a solid product that they can sell at a show. Not only will we record you we will also help you arrange your musical ideas and give you valuable insight. THE BETTER THE BAND IS THE BETTER YOUR RECORDING WILL BE. IT IS UP TO YOU!

Band Camp Workshop

Do you play in a band but need help discovering your sound? do you play an instrument but have nobody to jam with? come book a session with Rock It Up! You will learn how to lead a practice, elaborate on your existing ideas, learn about the other instruments in a band setting, and learn how to be a band leader.


Rock It Up! is now offering piano lessons for people who are interested. Learn how to play chords, play scales, and work on theory while writing your own songs!


The ukulele is a wonderful instrument to play. It is small and easy on the fingers. People who start off on the ukulele can easily transition to guitar in the very near future. And it's the hip new instrument to play!