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Artists team up to help women's shelter

A charity show featuring a number of local entertainers will be held Oct. 24 at Failte Irish Pub. Organized by Darren Flower, owner of music school Rock It Up!, the lineup comprises The Wicked Tenants....

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Music education tunes in both sides of the brain

There’s more reason to take up a musical instrument than fulfilling your rock and roll dreams or being the centre of attention at a party...

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Rock it up with Darren Flower

Meet Darren Flower and Ka- reem Byfield. These two young men are not only emerging artists, but also successful entrepreneurs...

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Blind Melon guitarist tutors rockers Stone River

Rockers Stone River, featuring Mississauga musicians Darren Flower and Jeff Desilets, have a little star power going on their upcoming album...

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Radio station rocks it up

A new show promoting local rock and indie bands has hit the airwaves.

Rock It Up airs Saturdays at 1 p.m. on CFRE 91.9FM, University of Toronto Mississauga's radio station.

Darren Flower, who named the show after his music school, says already four broadcasts deep, he and co-host Matt Roberts are well on their way to becoming very "polished."......

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Innovative music opens

Innovative music school opens Darren Flower has enjoyed success in the music biz as a guitarist in a local band – now he wants to help those not as fortunate. “I meet struggling musicians every day who can barely afford to buy guitar strings, never mind studio time or music lessons,” said Flower. Flower, 28, has been teaching guitar and songwriting for the past eight years. He now plans to use his own fully-equipped studio, Proper Productions, based out of his Sheridan Homelands home, to offer a Rock It Up! training program, which he describes as the “polar opposite” of that of established schools.

“It will be more of a fun, creative environment," he said. "Students will learn to think outside the box. It will be an alternative route to teaching music. ”Another plus, says Flower, is lower rates.....

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